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DAY 8 (page 2 of 2): Saturday, August 13, 2011

Modeling this year's hair styles.

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Welcome back to our eleventh consecutive year of Kayaking for Cancer!

This year's journey is now completed.
Over the last eleven years this small group of people (past and present) have spent a total of 85 days, paddling 2,222 kilometres (1,381 miles) to raise over $455,000 for The Canadian Cancer Society.....and we're not done yet!
Look for us in August 2012.


The kayaks paddle through Ottawa.

Crossing the finish line.

Final group photo...click to enlarge.

"Happy birthday to you....."

Kevin addresses the group for the last time this year.

Family (Steve, Rip, Laurie & Jenna Brenno).....

..... & friends (Sara, Cheryl, Cass, Kayleigh & Jenna) making a difference.
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Group 2011

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