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DAY 2 (page 1 of 2): Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bernie's working hard on the ground crew this year.

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Welcome back to our thirteenth consecutive year of Kayaking for Cancer!

2001 was our first involvement as a sponsor of our nephew Travis VandenTillaart. He was kayaking in memory of his father, Ron, who had passed away from cancer when Travis was quite young.
Fast forward to 2004 when TRAVIS was unable to participate during his own fight with cancer. My wife Marion decided she would paddle in memory of Ron and in support of Travis and Candice
When Marion arrived home from that first year she could not say enough about the friends and family making a difference and having a blast along the way. She instructed me that I needed to book a week off and get involved.
This is my 9th. year of paddling and I was hooked from day 1. Like so many before I was made to feel part of the kayaking family right from the normal chaotic start in Kingston.
Over the past 8 years it has been a real eye opener spending time on the water or sitting around talking with each other about our own families and friends experiences with cancer. There was a time when many people could say they did not have a connection with this disease. I think those days are over as it is hard to find a family not touched by cancer.
Each year it has been a pleasure to meet new members and catch up with previous kayakers. We do have our share of happy fun moments combined with sad ones. Our kayaking family has had more losses than seem possible, Papa Ron, Jessie, Rip, and Brent and numerous family and friends.
I could not end without mentioning our love and respect for a fabulous ground crew. Without these fantastic men and women (some have been here since the beginning) there could be no trip.
I have also had the pleasure of paddling with nieces and nephews hence the handle.
Uncle Mike Seguire


Lisa and her sister Sharon (below)......

.....both love the water.

Chantal leaves Lower Brewers, starting day 2.

We arrive at Upper Brewers Lock

Pat is back with us again

Rick collects a donation......

.....and another donation. Thank you!
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