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DAY 2 (page 2 of 2): Wednesday, July 25, 2001

6:27 pm - Here the kayakers are going through Chaffeys Locks -- their destination for Day 2!

6:27 pm - Rick, Kevin & Ron waiting to exit Chaffeys Locks.

The Road Crew met up with the kayakers for lunch at Jones Falls Locks around 3 pm. This lock system consists of four locks, so the kayakers opted to portage around it. This was quite a feat after close to six hours of kayaking that morning. Luckily, the last leg of today's trek was only 8 km so it was a pretty easy paddle.

The kayakers pulled into Chaffeys Locks at 6:30pm and the support from boaters was really encouraging! Everyone was quick to put up their tents and then settled down for some chicken fajitas and rice...and a couple of 2-bite brownies :).

We were all pretty excited to see a write-up on our trip in the Kingston Whig-Standard today -- pretty darn cool!

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