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DAY 3 (page 2 of 2): Thursday, July 26, 2001

2:24 pm - The K4C team arrives at Newboro Locks.

5:44 pm - Taking a quick break at Murphy's Point where Kevin & Mich were whisked away to do an interview with CTV-CJOH.

Day 3 was a hard one! The wind was strong and the stretches of open water seemed endless! The K4C team finally pulled into Rideau Ferry just after 9 pm, after spending more than 12 hours on the water. Everyone was very exhausted! Luckily, Safari Marina, where we camped for the night, had a huge bonfire burning where the kayakers could warm the chill out of their weary bones.

The road crew did a great job of putting up everyone's tents before they arrived, and serving up pizza, coffee and hot chocolate for dinner.

We had a bit of excitement in the afternoon, when CTV-CJOH came out and interviewed Kevin and Micheline. We had our 30 seconds of fame on the 11:30pm news -- another terrific way to raise awareness for this great cause.

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