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DAY 5 (page 2 of 3): Saturday, July 28, 2001

10:47 am - Kurt, Jane (Jenda Paddlesports) and Kevin showing some of Jenda's donations for our trip.

1:16 pm - Papa Ron, Danny and Kevin.

On our way to Hurst Marina, we met up with Jane from Jenda Paddlesports -- they've been good enough to lend us several kayaks, t-shirst and gear for the trip.

After the feeding of the troops at Hurst Marina, many of the road crew took to the water in kayaks of their own -- their chance to enjoy some of the beautiful scenery on the Rideau Canal.

We pulled into Long Island Locks after passing through Manotick at about 5:30 pm. Everyone was quick to setup their tents and help cook the burgers and dogs supplied by Robinson's Independent.

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