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DAY 6 (page 1 of 5): Sunday, July 29, 2001 --- OUR LAST DAY!!!

8:24 am - Jerry's getting psyched for the final day of kayaking.

8:26 am - A shot of our camp in the midst of teardown (and breakfast).

Here we are, on Day 6, our last day of Kayaking for Cancer!!! Everyone's gearing up for the final paddle into Ottawa and can't wait to reach the final set of locks there.

The majority of us can't wait to sleep in a real bed tonight, after five nights of spongy air mattresses and hard ground. But this is such a great cause, that it's been worth every bit of the blood, sweat and tears.

The kayakers left Long Island Locks just after 9am this morning. They'll break at Hogs Back Locks for lunch and then head right into Ottawa to cross the final finish line!! The original kayakers in the group will have kayaked over 200 km!! Many more kayakers are joining us today so it should be quite a sight as they make their way down the canal!

Be sure to watch the news tonight, since we're expecting live coverage of our arrival at the Ottawa Locks on the 6pm (national?) news! Wish us luck!!

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