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DAY 6 (page 2 of 5): Sunday, July 29, 2001 --- OUR LAST DAY!!!

2:03 pm - The end is in sight! Waiting in Hogs Back Locks to make the final trek into Ottawa.

5:22 pm - Here they come!!! (over the shoulder of the CTV cameraman).

The kayakers arrived in Hogs Back Locks ahead of schedule, anxious to have a bite to eat for lunch and make their final voyage into Ottawa.

Several members of the Road Crew have joined the kayakers for this last leg of the trip, and those who are left have gone ahead to the Ottawa Locks to prepare for the kayakers final arrival!!

Marc, the Ottawa Locks Master, was terrific in helping arrange for the top lock to stay filled for the kayakers to cross the finish line at 5:30 pm. There we also met up with the CTV-CJOH live remote camera crew who were getting ready to film the grand event!

[ Thank you to everyone we've met working the locks this week -- you've all been great!]

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