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DAY 3 - Journal Entry: Monday, August 9, 2004

by Erin Bowes, K4C Kayaker

As the rooster crowed to awaken the K4C crowd, the group's groans were louder than usual when we realized that during the evening we had visitors of the four-legged kind -- foxes, skunks and racoons who raided our garbage bags.

However, the day did get off to a promising start when cottagers across from our campsite donated some funds to our cause. Our luck continued not only with boaters' contributions in Chaffey's Locks but with the weather as well.

After making great time and arriving earlier than scheduled for lunch, the group went to Mike Aldham's cottage for a sponsored barbeque. He and some of his neighbours offered to feed the hungry kayakers and ground crew. Lunch was delicious and we left there feeling re-energized and ready to face the 14 kms for the afternoon.

According to our leader Kevin, we were making great time (the best to-date) and made it to Newboro Locks in an hour and a half. Once again, the boaters and lockmasters were more than generous with funds and encouragement.

The day ended with the group crossing the Little Rideau and finishing at Narrows Lock. Although tired, the crew is ancipating a wonderful dinner organized by Kathy Booth and looking forward to hitting the Big Rideau tomorrow.

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