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DAY 5 - Journal Entry: Wednesday, August 11, 2004

by Michelle Vanden Tillaart, K4C Kayaker

After a hard day on the water the kayakers were to bed early, only to be abruptly awaken by fighting raccoons making unearthly schreeches.

We were on the water early for a long day, 38 km in total. A long haul to lunch, yet all done in high spirits made the time go by quickly.

Nathanial, age 3, a family friend of one the K4C members, almost brought tears to some eyes after he donated all of his coins, down to the last penny, from his own personal piggy bank. We all give great thanks to him!

The K4C team was greeted by many friends and family in Merrickville, and all were exceedingly happy to see food, tents and warm showers!

Thanks to Jonsson's Independent for a successful BBQ that helped raise a great amount of money that will surely benefit the total amount in the end!

Day #5, another success!

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