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DAY 3 (page 1 of 2): Monday, August 8, 2011

A newbie joins us on the water this morning.

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Welcome back to our eleventh consecutive year of Kayaking for Cancer!

August 8, 2011
Day Three - Davis Lock to the Narrows Lock.

Written in thought of Tim Noonan and the Noonan 5.

As a person; we encounter many great things in a day, week, month or year. Unfortunately the opposite can also occur. As a group setting out on our third day we had, what I believe to be a life changing experience. Our group set off from Davis Lock en route to Chaffey's Lock. As per usual, we got ourselves set to lock up. As tradition would have it, K4C paddlers began to chant "Kayaking for........". Our life changing experience was about to happen. In song, this woman in blue, appeared off the stern of her boat. It was the head scarf that brought most of our attention. Once we finished, this middle aged woman took off her head scarf and could only express her gratitude, gratefulness and appreciation for this group's efforts.

It seemed like time stood still and Chaffey's Lock was our time capsule. It was a human moment, it was a good moment, it was a "we are doing something good moment". The entire K4C group and the three vacationing boaters helped lift the lock faster as tears hit the water. As we left Chaffey's in the shadow of the 45' Maxum, this courageous woman, husband and teenage boys clapped, shouted and encouraged our next leg of the trek. For me, as organizer and founder of the event, I will hopefully never forget such a glorious moment. To quote our special friend as she chatted with a bystander locking through "every day is a gift"!!! I just hope, I can remember these words, when I lose sight of what truly is important.

With great admiration to all of you battling this disease, we really do care. This was just a good time and place to show it.

Paddling On!!!
Kevin Dionne.

Kevin Kevin

Candice & Raoul preparing lunch.

Kevin thanks Mike & Nancy for their hospitality over the years.

Group photo at Mike & Nancy's. Click to enlarge.

Time to get back in the water.

The group enter Newboro Lock.

Dan accepts a donation.

So does Uncle Mike.
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