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DAY 4 (page 1 of 2): Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"New George" becomes Jane, because.....

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Welcome back to our eleventh consecutive year of Kayaking for Cancer!

It's very heartening to be back on the water with our K4C family. Today four generations of kayakers - old and new were on the water. How great is that? We all know why we are here and the serious business of cancer, but often during our travels there is a lot of laughter, like today.

This morning, after paddling against the wind we stopped on the water for a break before reaching our next destination. While floating about on the water, lots of thoughts come to mind and a few are shared. It was suggested that this journey is much like an Irish wake, but every day it's a different wake. We each paddle with someone(s) in mind, with our many thoughts, sharing some tears and laughter along the way.

Then there is the planning and preparations. All set in motion daily with the unwavering support and hard work of our "ladies of the Rideau" and ground crew who follow along, keeping us extremely well fed and comfortable at the start of our day and always welcoming us home and cheering us in off the water at the day's end. We all come together to celebrate life by sharing a beautiful meal, some wonderful stories, some tears and laughter - much laughter.

Our father and Nonna would be very happy with this thought.......

Sharon & Lisa
Sharon & Lisa.


.....old George is back

Bernie and Cass drift into Murphy's Point together.

We leave the kayaks near the Discount food truck.

As usual, the ground crew have prepared an excellent lunch.

Enjoying a moment together.

Leila and Marilyn (Murphy's Point Park) with Candice. Thank you ladies.

Dustin has a new haircut.

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