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DAY 7 (page 1 of 2): Friday, August 12, 2011

Kayaks approaching Hurst Marina.

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Welcome back to our eleventh consecutive year of Kayaking for Cancer!

I began this journey on August 6th. with over 35 strangers and on the eve before completion I find myself to have made over 35 new friends. Throughout the week we've talked and shared many laughs on the water, but a day hasn't gone by that I haven't noticed each kayaker having a moment of peaceful thought and reflection. It's quite the site to see the jelling of generations from ages 15 to 76 paddling for the same cause.
The memories of the woman we met at Chaffey's Lock waving at us all in support, as she removed her bandana, the miracle twins in their matching pink hats on the Big Rideau, and the man I met at Burritts Rapids Lock who has bone cancer in his jaw, who named his boat "Today", because as he said "You can't do anything about yesterday and tomorrow is never promised". They will remain with me forever.
Being born to a family of 14, 13 of whom have been diagnosed with cancer, along with many other close family and friends, inspired me to undertake this journey and raise much needed support.
To Kevin, the organizer, I have met a sincere and dedicated man, and I hope lifelong friend. To the sponsors who have supported our efforts for 11 years. To the ground crew who have taken such good care of us.....I wish to express my heart felt thanks and appreciation.

Patrick Pat


Heading in for lunch.

Andrew approaches shore.

Brent & Uncle Mike with Jim Beveridge at the BBQ.

Robert has joined us again this year.


Kevin thanks Jim (B & H Food Store) for 11 years of help.

The flotilla prepares to attack Kelly's Landing.....for donations only.
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