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DAY 1 (page 2 of 2): Saturday, August 11, 2012

Chris starts the journey to Ottawa.

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Welcome back to our twelfth consecutive year of Kayaking for Cancer!

That one less face in the morning crowd was going to be a difficult one to swallow for us during the first morning in Kingston. Fortunately, Kevin and all the other familiar faces made it much easier...from the K4C balloon, covered with beautiful pictures full of memories over the many years, camo hats, and the wonderful dedication of the 12th Kayaking for Cancer year being the "Trip for Rip" printed proudly on every neon yellow t-shirt. These are the things that really hit home. It's such a big reminder how much of an impact our father had on so many and it warms our hearts knowing those who went to great lengths to make this trip extra special. What a beautiful tribute it was. Thank you.

We got off to a great start...all 31 of us. It really didn't take us long to re-familiarize ourselves with the regular chants and cheers, getting caught up with our old kayaking family, as well as introducing yourselves to the new members on the water this year. It was definitely a chatty paddle throughout the day. With a delicious lunch and tummy-filling dinner, the night turned out to be a pretty quiet one - don't worry "Uncle" Mike, we won't tell anyone.
With our own 9th and 10th year now underway, we realize that yes, it will definitely be the hardest one yet, but also one to remember... Bring it on!

Jenna & Steve Brenno



Steve leaves the boat launch.

Cass and Tiffany are ready to begin.

The first of many great meals. Thanks to the Ladies of the Rideau.

Dennis & Gert (former paddlers) with Kevin.

Jolanta (Oz) is new this year.

Waiting in Lower Brewer lock

The kayakers stop for the night.
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