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DAY 3 (page 1 of 2): Monday, August 12, 2013

A new lunch stop today - Newboro Lock

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Welcome back to our thirteenth consecutive year of Kayaking for Cancer!

By definition, schleppers, movers, set it uppers, tear it downers, and do it all over againers. Theirs is the duty to keep the main players happy.
Another word that fits in the definition is fraternity. For the world of Roadies is a fraternity, a fraternity all unto itself. And when that fraternity loses one of its own……it hurts. Like the right hand who always knew where the left hand was is suddenly gone. You turn expecting to see it and it is not there.
The K4C crew lost a special friend this year in Brent Dopson. We miss his gentle smile, his friendly greeting, his hard work and dedication, his MacGyverisms that made any problem an enjoyable challenge, his funny stories while we waited for the paddlers to come in. And when the paddlers made it in, they knew that they’ve arrived by seeing Brent’s beaming smile at the top of the locks.
From GPS Joe and his gang of Roadies, from the food crew and support boat riders, and from the paddlers, past and present. We say from the bottom of our hearts…”We miss you Brent”. We know you’re up there looking down on us, cheering us on, making what we do all the more worthwhile and yes, laughing. Laughing at our goofy miss-cues and screw ups, knowing full well you would be right in there with us.
Keep us in your heart Brent as we do you in our hearts. For while the pain and the hurt may still be there, so are the memories and thoughts that keep us going.

Fred Bortolussi


Hi Kevin, Mich, Joe and the Entire K4C Team for 2013:
Just checking your website and saw the wonderful group photo from Day 3, August 12th with the caption “kayaking for Bill Bowes and his entire family in 2013”. I can’t THANK YOU enough for remembering me as you paddle the Rideau Canal’s 202 kms. for the 13th time. Your dedication and perseverance illustrate the goodness in people like yourselves who support the Canadian Cancer Society and indeed, all who are afflicted with cancer. I applaud you and keep you in my thoughts and prayers for a safe journey as you continue on to Ottawa.

Kindest regards,

Bill (Bowes) 

Raoul at the BBQ.

Our kayaking family, kayaking for Bill Bowes and his entire family in 2013.
Hope to see you soon. Click on image to enlarge.

You rock that hat Fred.

Danielle is back from Kaleigh's bachelorette party

Kattrina waits for the lock

Tiff waits to enter Newboro Lock

Darlene talks to Frank's cousin
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