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DAY 3 (page 1 of 2): Monday, August 11, 2014

Kevin speaks to the group about the reasons we do this.

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Welcome back to our fourteenth consecutive year of Kayaking for Cancer!

In 2011 I met my future wife and her amazing family. In 2013 my mother-in-law to be was diagnosed with breast cancer. She completed the fight of her life in 2014. When I heard that she, along with daughters and grandson were involved in Kayaking for Cancer I signed up. If she can fight cancer and keep her head up high, then surely I could raise some money and kayak from Kingston to Ottawa. So on Saturday August 9 we set off with my mother in law on the ground crew and my sister in law in a boat as well. August 9 was also 2 days after my grandfather passed away from cancer 17 years ago. We have now completed day 3. The crew here is great and we are having an awesome time in the water. The experience has been much better than I could have ever expected. We are getting donations even as we pass docks and boats on the water. Everyone is behind the cause. I'm proud to be here. Thanks for the opportunity.

It's another year and kayaking has begun. Our paddles hit the water in Kingston and we are on our way to Ottawa.
Around this time last year my mom was called and It wasn't good news. It was one hell of a battle but, she beat it. She beat one of the hardest battles she will ever have to beat. Mom, I am so proud of you.
We do this for a reason and one reason only to support the ones we lost and to help the ones who are battling at this time.
Cancer, it's time to bring it down once and for all. Kayaking for Cancer 2014 lets do this!
Please keep strong and paddle on.
Danielle Currie


Darlene leads us in a moment of remembrance for lost family and friends.

Matt holds a tribute to Papa Ron, Steve and Jenna to Rip, Kevin to Jessie and
Darlene to Brent. All members of Kayaking for Cancer that have been lost to this
horrible disease.

The paddle still goes on and fortunately it's another beautiful morning as the
kayaks leave Davis Lock.

Steve welcomes Jenna to the K4C family.

Locking through Chaffey's.

Pat, Linda, Mary Lynn & Uncle Mike

The group leaves Chaffey's
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