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DAY 5 (page 2 of 2): Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kevin thanks today's hosts.

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Welcome back to our fourteenth consecutive year of Kayaking for Cancer!

The impact of your support.

In 2012, the Canadian Cancer Society was able to provide 5,000 people having cancer treatment with accommodation at one of their lodges, and volunteers drove over 13 million kilometres taking 20,000 people to their cancer treatments.


All of Kaleigh's hair fits under her hat today.

Pat is thinking of Nolan Gunter this year as he paddles.
Roll over image to see the back of his hat

Kayaks arrive in Merrickville.
Rain everywhere today in the area and not one drop hit the kayaks.

Ground crew cover the dining area

Madden with Bev. Dinner was great Bev. Thank you.

The group fill up before Merrickville night.

The Chesterville gang and a couple of wannabe's.
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