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DAY 8 (page 1 of 2): Saturday, August 16, 2014

Twisted Sisters - Karen, Jane and Kathy

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Welcome back to our fourteenth consecutive year of Kayaking for Cancer!

Another year of Kayaking for Cancer has finished and we raised $54,000.00 for research and a cure. Thank you so much to all that donated and followed us along the journey.
Our journey was difficult this year both physically and mentally. The heavens above kept opening....giving us rain and cool weather....five days out of the eight days paddling. What a great group of people our “kayaking family”, not one complained as we know this was easy compared to enduring chemo treatment.
Every year I ask myself, will I do this next year? There is so much planning, organizing and details to worry about. Every year the answer is YES. I do this for those family members and friends that have died too early to cancer. I do this for those that are battling cancer now and for those that are in remission and have a cure.
If it were not for our efforts and dollars year after year, going into research, my son would not have achieved remission. He is one of the lucky people to say he is cured. So we paddle on striving for a cure for all.
We have all been affected by this disease and this is why Kayaking for Cancer is such an awesome fundraiser to be a part of. We, our little group are making a difference which is why I'm so proud to be involved.
So in writing this I look forward to seeing all my Kayaking Family next year – 2015.

“Passion and teamwork turn ordinary folks into an amazing winning combination”.

Thank you K4C family.

Candice VandenTillaart



Maureen is able to join us today.

Katrina and Julia

Micheline and Kevin

Kayaks fill Long Island Lock

Gabe begins the final day.

One last meal together at Black Rapids

Kevin introduces Byron James (Canadian Cancer Society) to the group
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