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DAY 7 (page 1 of 2): Friday, August 14, 2015

A group shot before leaving Pirate Cove Marina

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Welcome back to our fifteenth consecutive year of Kayaking for Cancer!

I first became aware of and donated to Kayaking for Cancer in 2009, the year my wife Jocelyn was diagnosed with breast cancer and both of us became familiar with the amazingly supportive world of cancer care, research and clinical trials. Six survivorship years and five paddling years later, the last three along the entire canal ... which pales compared to many others involved! ... this yearly endeavour and the camaraderie among us, bittersweet moments and hugs, and happy times on the water in rain, wind or shine, have become an annual high point of the year.
Each year we share more unfortunate stories of friends, acquaintances and family of K4C participants lost to cancer, but positive stories of survivorship and new research avenues as well. Cancer can be beaten if we persist, there WILL be a K4C16, and I WILL be there.
To all of you ... organizers, fellow paddlers, ground crew, Ladies of the Rideau and host families who feed us amazingly well, sponsors, and the many who donate in support of cancer research ... Thank you, and keep the faith!

Doug (and Jocelyn) Yurick 


Kevin thanks Wendy and Nick for their fundraising for the cause

The Beveridge family, once again, host lunch today

Jim (B&H Your Community Grocer) mans the BBQ

Katrina is served BBQ chicken....

....along with lots of side dishes

Conor's up next

The Beveridge's have been helping our group since this event began, 15 years ago
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