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DAY 8 (page 1 of 2): Saturday, August 15, 2015

Andrew and Michelle have provided us with a wonderful hot breakfast. Thank you.

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Welcome back to our fifteenth consecutive year of Kayaking for Cancer!

Fifteen years, who would have thought. I spent many years myself giving to my community as a a trustee to the Lanark Leeds and Grenville School Board, Knights of Columbus, coaching minor hockey etc. I am proud of all of these things. I am a father, husband, brother, cousin, colleague, volunteer and a proud humble man. I choose to be with K4C every year, haven't missed a trip and I do not enjoy going downtown (Ottawa). I am usually in a rush to get to New Brunswick to see all my nieces and nephews.
I have a title GPS Joe, not sure why but to Scott Dunlop and Chad Arcand, they clearly know. I have helped on the support boat when needed and have coined the phrase "stay out of the kitchen, unless asked". I drive a large truck for a week and proud to tell anyone that will listen, why.
I listened to some very kind words from my partner in crime 'Fred' at Long Island Locks. I need to know that everyone has a roll and I play mine to the best of my ability everyday. Fifteen years I have been on this trek, fifteen years I contribute for the cause, fifteen years I volunteer as the rest of you.
Anyone that knows me....knows I wouldn't have said any of this. So! If you are thinking that this is not GPS Joe, you are right! It is the other guy that has spent 15 years on the water. Dad, Frederico said so many nice things about your character, demeanour, gestures and I wanted to back it up! I probably would not have done this trip without you and Mom constantly volunteering while I was growing up. I remember Mom canvasing years ago (door to door) for Cancer research. Now you give to the soup kitchen at Christmas, decorate trees to be auctioned off. "We are what we are taught". I can only hope my girls will learn from all of our K4C family past and present. 15 years (8 days) I have spent with you, watched you, appreciated you and now I can finally say it and write it.
Your a legend on this trip and I want to be the one to thank you. You would be the center of my Mount Rushmore. Love you, admire the man you are, the father, grandfather and friend you have become. Not sure the make or colour of truck you will be driving next year but can't wait to see you pull into each lock station and socialize like no other. To coin Matt Goral "Your a good man Charlie Brown".

Love you for all you do!

Your son, Kevin XOXO 

P.S. Madden and Noah were a little ticked you did not go into Ottawa. They both were looking for you to say, 'goodbye'!. These young men see the value in your efforts, as do all of us.

Marilyn paddles Bernie's kayak today

Megan with Maureen and Pat

Kayaks enter Long Island Locks to begin the final day


...and Mary Lynn leave the locks

The group arrive at Blacks Rapids for lunch

Kevin introduces Byron James from the Canadian Cancer Society
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