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DAY 3 (page 1 of 2): Monday, August 8, 2016

Kayaks enter the upper Jones Falls lock to start the day.

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Welcome back to our sixteenth consecutive year of Kayaking for Cancer!

Making my way to Kemptville again this year for another week of meaningful volunteerism (for lack of a better word). A week to forget our aches and pains and put a little effort into supporting those who are dealing with and those who have dealt with the greater pain of cancer and remembering those that lost the their fight.
It's a week of physical work, a week of commeradery and a week of deep inner thought. It's really a spiritual journey. Albeit physical we are all here for a greater good.
We have completed days 1 & 2. Mornings are a hustle and bustle from the grounds crew perspective, getting lists straightened away, picking up supplies, organizing the next meal then trekking back to the site of the next meal. Packing the vehicle can be a challenge! Upon our arrival the men of the grounds crew have organized kayaks, transported kayaks and vehicles if needed, set up the tables and tents if needed and have the kitchen ready for us. Now it's prep time, cut up veggies, set up the platters. If it's a hot meal we have to make sure it stays hot. In a few minutes the kayakers will arrive hungry from their morning's paddle.
As we serve the meal I listen to the chatter, the laughter, everyone enjoying their meal.... It's time to remember!
It seems every year someone's name is mentioned, someone we know has succumbed to the beast or has been given a blow. Each and everyone of us knew or know someone in that situation!
Kevin never ceases to amaze me, how he can stand there and remember of all those that have past while keeping his emotions under control...that must be difficult. His tributes are always very heart warming and emotional....we can't help but feel what he's feeling.
This journey cannot but touch everyone in a spiritual way, even kayakers on the water take time to reflect as 5 dragon flies come to rest on a kayak. One can't help but think the 5 we lost, in our kayaking family, are paddling with us. Keeping us on track, reminding us why we're here....
Now back in the water for the afternoon. Time for the ground crew to pack up the trucks, pick up supplies organize the next meal and help whoever is preparing the evening meal, the men pick up strayed kayaks and load them for the next one to use it, load the tables and coolers and we all head to the next lock for the evening meal.
There is time before the kayakers arrive to appreciate the beauty that surrounds and realize how fortunate we are to be here today and to see the beauty that surrounds us and again remember why we are here.
It's evening, the hearty meal was enjoyed by all. Tents are all up, some enjoy a dip in the water as the sun starts to set over the water. It's been a good 2 days! Time to head home to get ready for tomorrow....

Bev Parent-Currie


Waiting for the lock to fill.

Cass takes her turn paddling.

The group arrive at Davis Lock.

Lisa has returned again this year.

People power and horsepower.

Steve is also back again this year.

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