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DAY 7 (page 1 of 2): Friday, August 12, 2016

The group load up with water and snacks for the morning paddle.

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Welcome back to our sixteenth consecutive year of Kayaking for Cancer!

I am proud to be back, kayaking for cancer with the K4C family.
I paddled the Rideau in 2014 with my mother in honour of my late Grandpa (Gumpy) and in support of my sister in law Jennifer who had just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer in December 2013. Everyone here has a story, unfortunately we all know someone who has had cancer, who is battling, or who has lost the battle to the beast.
On night four at Rideau Ferry I was enjoying a cold beverage and good conversation when a subject came up that doesn't normally tear me up. Talking about marriage I was asked by one of my friends here if my boyfriend and I are planning on getting married, normally I can handle a question like that. As I tried to swallow the lump in my throat, I began to cry. What the group of paddlers didn't know, but soon found out, is that Jennifer's cancer is back and it sadly is terminal. I explained to the group that the subject is sensitive because we are thinking about getting married so that we are able to have that memory with her.
As emotional as it was to let my story out, what happened next still makes me tear up. Every person at that picnic table stood up, hugged me, embraced my pain, my partners pain and Jennifer's pain. One by one they whispered in my ear that they are here for me, here for Kris and here for Jennifer, and that we are all in their thoughts.
That moment moved me, changed me, shook my spirit. I paddle everyday for Jennifer and those we have lost. I cherish every moment, absorb every smile, every laugh and every cry. The K4C family really is a family of support, they are a shoulder to cry on, and ear to listen to your story. Not to mention an incredible group of people.
Thank you for these moments.

Jenna Paige.


Terrie and her family are all paddling today.

Julia is able to paddle tis morning. Back to work later.

Uncle Mike, Cass, Conor and Katrina approach Hurst Marina for lunch

Andrew is dressed for the rain we had this morning.

The Beveridge family are hosting lunch one again. B&H Your Community Grocer

Kevin thanks Jim and Judy for their continued support

Jenna reads an email that tries to explain how we should deal with Pat.
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