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DAY 8 (page 2 of 2): Saturday, August 19, 2017

Doug, followed by Jeanette (above with her family), Chelsea,...

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Welcome back to our seventeenth consecutive year of Kayaking for Cancer!

In reflection of our 17th paddle.

Supplies are now home to the rightful owners. House is cluttered with left over supplies and lost and found. Thank you has been stated a number of times and now time to sit down and reflect on yet another year. To all that participated this year, I wish you well in 2017-2018. I am extremely pleased with the year we had. As I sat alone last night, I wished for one more day but then I thought there are many more ahead. The new paddlers/ support always grab your attention so to Joan, Richard, Cindy, Al, Diane, Jack, Annie, WELCOME.

It is Monday at 5:00, last week just rolling into the Narrows. I need to say…..’this year seems to hold on to me like none before’. I do not know why but it does! Maybe it started with Matt’s write up, Jaimee-Ronn asking to get a head band for herself, could be the coining of ‘Parker’s Pavilion’, the portage up Jones Falls, a trip to the emergency room, the discount disco, heads bobbing up and down at Murphy’s Point. The clear cut passage to Poonamalie, cannot remember the last time, Maureen was in fear of it the Saturday we launched. Remembering (Bill Bowes) from Rideau Ferry to Merrickville, thinking of Erin/Family./George and Maple Leafs. Many years in scramble golf tournaments (many for cancer) Bill-Joe-George-Kevin, good foursome did not mean good golf. Maybe to read Dannika’s departure message on the second last day at 14 years old.

Singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Sir Bernard of the Rideau, knighting Shirley…….in Sir Bernard’s absence. To hear his laugh, gesture and banter….what a highlight! Matt piping us to the Goose and the parade down main street. The parade through the Goose and Matt continuing to play the bag pipes for the paddlers and guests. The Chesterville motorcycle gang rumbling to our site and joining us at the Goose. Our stop over at Burritt’s always reminds us, we are close. To Pirate Cove, honor our best from the past. “So I told them”, if only …….. all could know Papa Ron, Jessie, Edward ‘Rip’, Brent and Denis. We continue the journey that once meant so much to you. You are not forgotten but mentioned many times. My pledge is for this to always continue. You are/were the most courageous.

Now lunch at Hurst Marina, to Jim-Judy- Andrew -Robert-Marion, we have paddled this week with your family in mind as always. We paddled specifically for your daughter and grand-daughter (Colleen). Jim you were, one of the first people to take a chance on me. You have been a sponsor for seventeen years but more importantly, a friend. Our paddles will continue to hit the water for Colleen and Robert and more. Off to Long Island and the 3rd annual ‘Dani Calli Awards’, proud of the outcome and our new half time show ‘Nolan’. Dannika, you would be very pleased of the participants that come up to me and express their joy. Continue to do things off the cuff, your demeanor brings happiness and joy. Love you much!

Upside down at Long Island is correct! Steven has every right. Soaked I am ……but brings the kid back in. The good byes are hard, seven days have passed, the smiles, looks, handshakes, pecks on the cheek, banter, support, hugs, tears are all in the throat……another year to soon be closed. Who would have ever thought this was possible, you all believed it was possible and this is why it is still going. 2018 will again bring some joy, memories and I am sure some sadness but please push forward for your ‘Loved One’s’.

Papa Joe, always leaves the last day but if I may. Dad, thank you for seventeen years up/down the ‘Rideau’. You believed also so long ago, makes my day to see you mingling, as only you can. Love you and Mom, so very much as do your grand-children.

Until next year! You will be asked many questions about our trip and I am sure you will respond by ‘SO I TOLD THEM”. Have a nice evening and when you look in the mirror be ‘PROUD’, this group does not sit on the shorelines “ we tackle the waves, wind and weather”, now let’s finish Cancer off.

With the greatest respect and admiration,




...Cass (above with her family), Peggy and Candice explain to the group their reasons
for paddling

Jocelyn was able to join Doug on the water today.

Another tradition.

Heading for the finish line.

Due to construction, we end at Dow's Lake again this year.

Julia picked up a passenger along the way.

Final group photo. Click for a larger view.
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