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DAY 6 (page 2 of 2): Thursday, August 16, 2018

Matt and Maureen share a tandem this afternoon.
They had a few differences of opinion.

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Welcome back to our eighteenth consecutive year of Kayaking for Cancer!

Day 3 on the water by far the nicest section of the Rideau Canal system. The Kayakers made they’re way from Jones Falls down through Sand Lake and into Davis Lock, through Opinicon Lake and into Chaffey’s Lock. Forging ahead through Clear Lake, Indian Lake and Newboro Lake to come to a much needed rest at Newboro lock for another delicious lunch provided by the caring group we affectionately call the Ladies of the Rideau.

The natural beauty around us, the occasional Heron or Loon spotting and the gift of a fresh water lily from Lisa to Joanne on the support boat, come together to let us know just how fortunate we are to be participating in the K4C 2018. Operating the support boat, while not nearly the grueling task of paddling a 200 KM journey from Kingston to Ottawa, provides a unique experience to be on the waterway we love. I can’t remember when we started on the support boat, but I know it was a while ago. The K4C trip has become something Joanne and I look forward to each year. Joanne books holidays to help out and we both thoroughly enjoy the trip. The most gratifying part of the week is, without a doubt the social interaction. The people we have come to know; the kayakers and their families. The K4C family has grown over the years and, like all, it has had its losses and its new arrivals. The common thread that brings this family together each year is Cancer. Our losses of family members and friends is the gentle reminder that making this annual pilgrimage in the name of fighting Cancer is well worth the time and energy required. I am thankful for the opportunity to operate the support boat, to be a part of a caring and committed group, who put others before themselves all in the name of raising money to fight Cancer. To bring a smile and a cold bottle of water to a thirsty Kayaker trying to make the next Lock Station makes my day complete. Thank you K4C family for all you do, your triumphs and your tribulations. Someday you’ll look back on all the years of paddling and say we made a difference in the lives of so many battling a terrible disease; by doing something that brought us peace and pleasure. May your paddles never cease in the name of love for those who have gone before us.

God Bless, your support boat Skipper and first mate,

Dan and Joanne



Kaleigh is able to join us on the water this afternoon.

The Brenno family , and friends, serve another great meal.

Some of our younger members at their private table.

Kevin speaks of the past members of K4C that we have lost...

...Bernie, Brent, Denis, Jessie, Papa Ron and Rip.

We release balloons. One each for those we have lost, one for those we know who
are fighting Cancer and one for those we don't know.

A toast to Bernie.
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