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Welcome to our 2022 Journal!
We'll be posting photos and reflections througout the week of Kayaking for Cancer from our paddlers and supporting road crew volunteers.

DAY 1: Saturday, August 6, 2022

This morning our AMAZING group of intrepid paddlers set out from the Kingston Rowing Club to kayak the 202 kilometers of the Rideau Canal to Ottawa in support of the Canadian Cancer Society! This 8-day journey will be challenging, rewarding and always emotional as each person is paddling for beloved family and friends affected by cancer. Luckily, we had beautiful sunny ☀️ weather for the launch, hopefully a good sign for the rest of the week!

If you'd like to support this amazing cause, please visit the K4C Donation page on the Canadian Cancer Society website.


Reflection – Day 1 of Kayaking for Cancer Journey 
by Pam

I am generally a reflective person, taking the time to organize my thoughts regarding my day, my goals, my life. Sometimes I even take the time to record these thoughts. Today is one of those days. Today, I joined an amazing group of people who participate in an equally amazing charity – Kayaking for Cancer. 

Our day started early so as to complete the morning ‘checklist’ and we eventually ended up in Kingston at the cataraqui Canoe Club. Right then and there I realized how ‘real’ this event was! People with smiling, energetic faces…organizing, moving bins and kayaks…busy, busy, busy. 

Once everyone was ‘ready to roll’, we gathered and Kevin spoke briefly to introduce the representative of the Canadian Cancer Society, Doug. He spoke of loss, of hope and of people like us who can do something to ease the burden of those who suffer from this horrible affliction. Kevin then spoke of loss, past kayaking events and participants, love of the water and, most importantly, the ‘family’ that was present (and those who couldn’t make it) who take (or have taken) the time out of their busy lives to help raise money and to honour and remember those we have lost. A wonderful message to start this amazing event. 

Even though I don’t kayak (I have chosen to instead help on the ground crew) I felt so excited and proud as the paddlers left the dock. Right away, the amazing ground crew sprung into action boarded trucks and vans and headed to Stop #1 - Kingston Mills. Set up began – canopies up, tables, food, etc. Candice, our  ground crew leader, has the routine down to a science. The kayakers arrive, joyously, and we see lots of smiles and shiny faces… oh yes, it’s 31 degrees Celsius plus humidity today!!! Not bad!!

The kayakers are off again within an hour and a half. After some well deserved socializing (about 20 minutes) we (the ground crew) get packed and we are off to Stop #2 - Upper Brewers Lock. I’m now driving the boat ‘captains’ truck (Dan) and in a convoy! 

Once we arrive, we have some time while waiting for the kayakers. I got to know some pretty great people. What a blessing these people are. I’m sure they don’t realize how great they are! We are going to have an amazing week.

At around 5:45pm we see the kayakers headed toward the lock. What a wonderful, proud moment for me (and many others, I am sure). I was taking pictures. I saw many happy faces and didn’t have to ask Kevin how the afternoon went. I told him I could tell by the smile he wore. 

Tired, hungry, hot…kayakers set up tents, got organized and, finally, had supper and some down time. The atmosphere/feeling was that friendship, family, mutual respect and love. 

Again, I am proud to be part of this group. Many thanks to Kevin and the rest of the crew for allowing me the privilege. We are blessed. 

Pamela Wilson 
Ground crew ‘newbie’. 

Reflection – Day 1 of Kayaking for Cancer Journey 
by Lucas

Today, after waiting three years since the last event, I had the opportunity to see a group of very special people set their kayaks into the water to begin their arduous, but inspired 202 km journey along the Rideau Canal to Ottawa. This is only the second time that I’ve been involved as a helper on the “ground crew”, though many of these people feel like family. Each of them is paddling for their own reasons and people. Together they are united in their drive to memorialize those lost to cancer, to support and encourage those currently living with cancer, and to raise money toward research in hopes of finding a cure. 

Even through the last two years of postponing the trip, a group has gathered for the same reasons and the fundraising never stopped.

For me personally, I am honored to add my small part to this well-oiled machine. Having lost my father to cancer two years ago, I find comfort being surrounded by this group whose lives have each been touched by the same in some way. 

Hearing Kevin’s impassioned speech always fires me up, and this morning’s was no exception. I truly admire the commitment and dedication this group has demonstrated for 22 years. 

It feels to me a bit like a ship, with Kevin at the bow, pointing toward the horizon, Candice at the stern, hand on the rudder to steer, and everyone else somewhere in between the two, each doing their part to drive this thing forward. I feel blessed to be aboard, if only for a few days.


Candice, Jenna and Marion – integral leaders of our K4C organizing committee who plan every detail from meals, t-shirts, raffles and so much more! Thank you!!




Matt driving one of the K4C support vehicles.

Bob, Marilyn and their dog Pepper – keep an eye out for Pepper in Bob's kayak!

Chris is ready to go!

Past kayakers Rick, Dannika and Laura (with Hunter) are here to see the kayakers off.

Siblings Kurt and Terrie, part of the original crew 21 years ago, are back this year!

Mark and Mimi ready to set off.

K4C paddlers and support crew: Lisa, Candice, Sharon, Pam and Marcus.

Good luck, Jenna!

Thank you to Doug Kane from the Canadian Cancer Society for coming out and speaking to the group this morning!

We salute our Cancer Survivors!

Our K4C Family photo.

Jenna has a pretty good excuse for not kayaking this year... we're hoping for exciting news this week!

Nevida and Jaimee waiting to set off.

And they're off! Next stop Kingston Mills for lunch and Upper Brewers to camp for the night.
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