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DAY 3: Monday, August 8, 2022
The kayakers paddled some big water today, crossing Lake Opinicon and going through Davis and Chaffey's Locks. After departing Jones Falls they stopped at Newboro Lock for lunch and landed at Narrows Lock for the night. With rain threatening around them, they managed to avoid it all day and had the wind at their backs. Tomorrow they embark on more big water paddling as they cross the Big Rideau Lake with Rideau Ferry as their desination. Good luck, paddlers!

Reflection – Day 3 of Kayaking for Cancer Journey 
by Mimi and Mike

It was back in 2010 that our mother in law, Maureen, decided to participate in the 8 day, 202 km Kayaking for Cancer journey.  We all thought she was crazy!  She completed it and as a result, Maureen found a love for kayaking and participating in an event to help raise funds for cancer research, programs and advocacy only helped fuel her fire! Maureen was a determined and passionate woman, no feat was too big for Moe! 

Maureen’s passing in 2020 was an incredible loss for our family and to the many lives she touched. It would have been her 10th year on the water with the K4C community.  Her goal that year was to personally raise $10,000 for the cause. Collectively as a family we decided that we would participate, however we could for the K4C community, and raise the funds that Maureen was heartbreakingly unable to accomplish.

The Outlaws as we like to call ourselves were graciously granted the opportunity to take up her touch and participate in her honour.  Mike (Bubba) and I are incredibly grateful and humbled to have been granted the opportunity to continue her beautiful legacy. 

The beautiful people we have met and have had the opportunity to get to know these past 3 days have graciously opened their hearts and arms to us and we now consider family.  Maureen spoke so fondly of her K4C family and we now understand why.  There are no other people so passionately dedicated to this cause or to its people.  This group have made us feel welcomed and have shared the most beautiful memories of our beloved Moe.

Having listened to their individual reasons for participating in this journey, you begin to understand firsthand what this means to this group. 

Mike and I are incredible grateful and fortunate to have been given this opportunity and we hope we did Moe proud! ❤

Thank you K4C family!

Mike and Mimi





Rain clouds threatening but no rain today, a view from the water by Terrie.

It's serious business when the muscle shirt comes out :)

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