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DAY 4: Tuesday, August 9, 2022
The heat broke last night and it was a chilly, dreary day paddling Big Rideau Lake. The group stopped off for lunch at Murphy's Point before ending at Rideau Ferry for the night.




Emma is set to go in the pontoon boat leaving Murphy's Point lunch stop.

Candace and Kurt seeing off the paddlers after lunch.

Dan is switching over to the pontoon boat today.

Uncle Mike!

See you in Rideau Ferry!

Jenna and Yvonne


At Murphy's Point with Kevin at the back.


Bring it on! Yvonne is ready for any weather!

Aimee paddling strong.

Michelle along with Ellie and Matt in the tandem.

Finally made it to Rideau Ferry for the night.

Kayaks being pulled out of the water.

Kevin and Pam (K4C tent city in the background).

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