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DAY 1 (page 3 of 5): Saturday, August 9, 2003

9:23 am
- Group photo op for the newspaper photographers.


This year, 27 kayakers are leaving from Kingston, plus there will be at least 11 road crew providing meals and support along the way. As we get closer to Ottawa, more people will be joining us for the final stretch of the trip.

One-by-one, the kayakers slipped into their boats, until the last person was on the water. Everybody posed for a group photo and then they were off in a flash!

9:36 am - And they're off!

Now in Lake Ontario, they'll head east for the Cataraqui River which will lead them to the Rideau Canal.  They've probably got about 23 km of kayaking ahead of them today.

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9:45 am - Heading for the Rideau Canal via Lake Ontario.




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