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DAY 2 (page 3 of 3): Sunday, August 10, 2003

7:26 pm
- A downpour hits Davis.


We could see the huge, gray storm clouds heading our way, and despite our hopes that it would blow over, it struck right in the middle of dinner. The rain came down in buckets! Everyone scrambled for shelter and some made it to their tents, but for the 10 or so people who were huddled under a maple tree, it wasn't exactly the most dry or most safe place to be.

The road crew quickly packed everything away and everyone retreated to safe ground once the rain subsided a bit. Needless to say, it was a pretty early night for most of us.

One quick note of thanks to Chris, who's been following us on our web site and greeted the kayakers today on his dock with a generous monetary gift and a promise to host a lunch for us next year -- thanks, we can't wait!

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7:27 pm - Graham basking in the moon...and the rain.

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