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DAY 3 (page 3 of 3): Monday, August 11, 2003

10:05 am
- After collecting some donations at Chaffey's, the team heads onto Newboro.


The crew pulled into Newboro Locks around lunchtime and took an hour to enjoy a bit of lunch and a short break. The highlight was watching the fish in the canal battle over ciabatta buns and cool ranch doritos.

The kayakers will make quick work of this afternoon's paddling. They have about 10 km to paddle with no locks so they should make great time.

Tonight we're camping at the Narrows Locks. We're keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn't rain!

Thanks to Pam at the Westport Library for her help in updating the site today!

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12:15 pm - Graham leads the pack in exiting at Newboro Locks.

12:38 pm - Having a bite of lunch.

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