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DAY 4 (page 2 of 4): Tuesday, August 12, 2003

8:17 am
- Chad eating cream cheese on leftover grilled garlic bread...for breakfast...


This morning we woke up to a brisk crosswind when we climbed out of our tents. It made for a pretty windy breakfast, but it was nice to have a break from the humidity that we've had for the past few days.

We're hoping the wind doesn't cause too much delay on the water. Today the kayakers have to cross the Big Rideau Lake, the biggest body of water that they'll kayak in the trek, and it's always windier crossing open water.

The team left the Narrows Locks around 9:30 am and have to paddle about 9 km before lunch and another 10 or so kilometres this afternoon.

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9:02 am - Shane and Travis hanging out on lock.

9:07 am - Joe's ready to make some waves.

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