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DAY 3 (page 1 of 3): Monday, August 12, 2002

8:28 am
- Paul with his kayak


It's Monday morning and boy, is it hot! Last night it was sweltering in the tents with the heat and humidity. And today they're calling for highs around 34-35 degrees. The kayakers will be cooking on the water today for sure.

Last night the kayakers arrived at Davis Locks ahead of schedule around 5:30 pm. They had the wind at their back all day and decided to portage around Jones Falls which saved them a lot of time.

We had plenty of time to relax before dinner -- a few people even went for a dip in the river to cool off a bit before chowing down on chicken fajitas.

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8:31 am
- Everyone's getting ready to leave Davis this morning

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