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DAY 5 (page 2 of 4): Wednesday, August 13, 2003

6:54 am
- Seating's scarce at breakfast this morning but Johnny makes due with Meaghan's mini-chair.


Danny and Jason built a huge bonfire which helped keep the mosquitoes away. Those who hadn't gone to bed early gathered around while Kurt read the emails, that we've received for the team members, out loud to everyone. There were some pretty touching emails from friends, family and past team members which were really encouraging for us to hear. Thanks for your notes and please keeping sending them and we'll read them to the gang as soon as we get the chance.

This morning was an early one! Departure time was scheduled for 7:30 am so most were up by 6 am, if not earlier. Everybody followed the usual AM routine: pull up the tents, pack the gear, eat breakfast, load the trucks and trailers, slap on some sunscreen and jump in the kayaks.

By the time the kayakers pulled away en masse from Safari Marina, it was close to 8 am. You could hear their shouts of  "Kayaking for...Cancer" as they headed for the Poonamalie Locks.

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7:42 am - Christina sets out on Day 5.

7:44 am - Roley's following close behind.

9:37 am - Pulling into Poonamalie Locks.

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