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DAY 5 (page 4 of 4): Wednesday, August 13, 2003

11:28 am
- The team lounges in the water while waiting to de-kayak for lunch at Old Slys Lock.


The whole team will be in Merrickville again for the BBQ at 6 pm, and to camp for the night, so if you're in the area please drop by! In case we didn't mention it, our goal is to raise $35,000 this year and these BBQs will really help us to meet our target.

Today we also had more printed media exposure -- both the Brockville Recorder and Times, and the Smith Falls Record News stopped by in Smith Falls to take some photos and interview Kein. So pick up a paper and maybe you'll see us!

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12:51 pm - The Old Slys gates close behind the team.

1:02 pm - Some members of the Road Crew posing with a donated zucchini from a generous passerby.

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