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DAY 6 (page 1 of 4): Thursday, August 14, 2003

5 :31 pm
- K4C team arrives in Merrickville.


Five down, three more days to go! We're on Day 6 and it should be easy sailing from here on in.

Right now it's just past 1:30 pm and the kayakers have just reached their noontime destination -- Rosemary and Charles Bennett's farm. They're located right on the water, halfway to Baxter's Conservation Area (our stopover for the night) so it's a great spot for lunch. Thanks to the Bennett's for letting us take over their home for a few hours!

Yesterday, The gang arrived in Merrickville around 5:30 pm yesterday to throngs of family, friends and supporters. They said it was boiling on the water, especially since there's really no shade to be found except in the locks after the sun reaches its peak. Not only could you fry an egg on the sidewalk, you could probably fry one on most of the kayaker's foreheads as well. :)

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5:33 pm - CJOH-CTV (in background) is on site filming the arrival.

5:47 pm - Water fight between the cowboys and Kevin.

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