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DAY 6 (page 2 of 4): Thursday, August 14, 2003

6:12 pm
- Inside the CTV truck -- feeding the footage back to the TV station.


It was pretty exciting for everybody because CJOH-CTV was filming the evening weather report live with JJ, the local weatherman, in Merrickville last night. So, not only did they film the team's arrival, they also interviewed Kevin with the K4C participants in the background. Since then, we've had several people comment to us that they saw us on the news.

While all this was going on, Jonsson's Independent was cooking up hotdogs, burgers and sausage on massive stainless steel barbeques. They served up a great meal to the kayakers -- thanks to Sylvie and her crew!

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6:36 pm - JJ, the CJOH weatherman interviews Kevin live on air.

6:52 pm - Food line for the BBQ sponsored by Jonsson's Independent.

7:03 pm - Kurt and Rick having hamburgers.

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