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DAY 5 (page 2 of 4): Wednesday, August 14, 2002

7:52 am
- Jason, our co-pilot on the support boat


Yesterday, we were joined by Jason, who's now co-piloting the support boat with his dad Danny and using his on-board water blasters to keep the kayakers cool. We heard a rumour that he's charging the kayakers $1 each for water & gatorade...but we don't believe it! ;)

We've also had different kayakers join us on and off over the past few days -- Janet, Sherri, Don, Joe, Vaughn -- just to name a few. In fact, about 7 more people are joining the K4C force tomorrow, and we should have about 35 kayaks paddling into Ottawa on Saturday. It just shows how much people want to be involved in the fight against cancer.

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8:08 am
- Claude and Gerry are all smiles this morning :)

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