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DAY 7 (page 1 of 4): Friday, August 15, 2003

5:32 pm
- Ground crew help the kayakers bring their boats in at Baxters.


It's now Friday night and boy, has it ever been a long, hot day!

Last night, the kayakers pulled into Baxters Conservation Area around 5:30 pm. and did they stink! The water in today's paddle is more stagnant so it tends to be a bit more pungent. Despite having no running water, Baxters does have a sandy beach not far from our campsite so most of the kayakers went for a quick dip before dinner.

The feature on tonight's menu was Lorraine's homestyle chili -- it was delicious and had everyone going back for more.

But the big news was the power outage that's hit chunks of Ontario and the U.S. Glancing across the canal, we could see the houses were pretty dark. After dinner, Dennis pulled out a radio and we listened in on some of the breaking news. Luckily, the outages had no effect on our group -- at least not tonight.

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6:04 pm - Ann, Terrie and Diane enjoying some downtime.

6:06 pm - Mich taste testing Lorraine's famous chili.

6:16 pm - Liam having a bite to eat.

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