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DAY 8 (page 2 of 4): Saturday, August 16, 2003

9:43 am
- Joe sees the kayakers off at Long Island Locks.


The ground crew saw the kayakers off at Long Island around 9:45 am. Everybody's physically tired but definitely keen to reach Ottawa. It's going to be such an awesome acheivement!

In no time, the kayakers arrived at Black Rapids Locks. They locked through and unloaded for some tasty burgers and sausages dropped off by Robinson's Independent. By 1 pm, the kayakers were back on the water heading east to the capital city.

They only have two more locks left to go through from this point -- Hogs Back and Hartwell. We've lucked out in terms of not being affected by the power outage. One of the lockmasters was telling us that it was taking 1.5 hours to lock through boats during the outage, versus the 15 or so minutes that it typically takes. That would have meant a lot of portaging!

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11:52 am - They're getting closer...the team pulls into Black Rapids Locks.

12:24 pm - Our shot of "The Last Lunch".

2:03 pm - Kurt and Mary Kay relaxing at Hogs Back Locks...only one more lock to go!

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