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DAY 7 (page 2 of 5): Friday, August 16, 2002

2:24 pm
- In motion outside of the town of Kars


The Baxters site was spacious, cool, had a great swimming hole, and a campfire pit that was put to good use later in the night (up 'til now there's been a fire ban in the area).

Lorraine made a huge batch of her secret chili recipe. We won't give it all away, but green olives and lots of dry mustard were included. This, as she said, would make for great entertainment later in the night.....no comment.

As the sun went down and the mosquitoes came out, so did the frogs! We experienced semi-plague like conditions when going to the washrooms -- the ground was a jumping frenzy!

The roaring campfire cried out for a bit of Neil Young, so John L, Rick and Joel broke out their guitars to entertain the tired but contented crew.

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2:48 pm
- The pontoon boat picks up donations from generous cottagers along the waterway

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