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This is our team for 2003. We asked each person
(kayakers & ground crew) to tell us why they're
"kayaking for cancer". Thanks for sharing, team.

Chad Arcand
Kemptville, ON

I'm kayaking for cancer in support for my mom and all of the others out there who suffer with the disease.
Brooke Arthurs
Kemptville, ON

(Mom) Cathy Arthurs-Hall and everyone who has been affected. It is likely someone you know will be diagnosed!

Mary Kay Arundel
London, ON

My Dad who died last Sept 2002 from throat and lung cancer. My sister Cathy who has breast cancer and is presently having chemo. My friend's brother Ronnie who died of brain cancer in 2002. My friend's Mom who died of uterine cancer July 2002.

Kayleigh Barnes
Kemptville, ON

I'm kayaking to help find a cure for cancer. Many people in my life have been affected with cancer, including my Aunt Monique, my Aunt Millie, and many other family members and friends.
Ron & Donna Barnes
Kemptville, ON

I think it is a great cause. We have had many friends and family touched by cancer, so anything we can do to help is more than worth it. Kayaking for Tante Monique, Uncles Howard, Harry & Harold, Aunt Dorothy and numerous cousins and friends.
Shane Barnes "(Cowboy)"
Kemptville, ON

Kayaking for all those who have died or are dying. Especially for Ron Vanden Tillaart, Kathy Arthurs and Lana Pelltier and especially Papa Ron.
Erin Bowes
Smith Falls, ON

I'm kayaking for Bill Tsarouhas, my Grandma Cee, Willy Philips and Luke McCabe's mom. And to all the people who said I wouldn't be able to do this (soccer boys + Renee), pay up!
Jenna Brenno
Kemptville, ON

I'm especially kayaking for my grandmother, Mary Lacelle, as well as my aunt who has finally beaten it, Murtis Ashley. With all the others in my family that have been affected by this, also their family and friends. WE WILL find a cure --- keep your heads high!
Paul Brisson
Hammand, ON

Personal reason.
Joe Brouwer
Brockville, ON

Jennifer Brown
Kemptville, ON

Too many of my family and friends have had to struggle with this horrible disease (e.g. grandpa, Rob Dewar, Rob Mayes) and I wanted to do something to help.
Andre Brule
Kanata, ON

In memory of many lost friends and relatives to cancer: Jeanne Papineau, Rodolphe Papineau, Stephane LaLonde, Joe Gervais, Lise St.Cyr, the Culleton Family. Also for a very good friend, Ronald Lachance. In hope that our small contributions will perhaps some day help find a cure to this deadly and terrible disease.
TS Buchanan
Ottawa, ON

Friends and family have been touched by this disease so we're just doing what we can to find a cure.
Liam Buck
Kemptville, ON

I'm kayaking for anyone who has suffered from cancer in hope that they can find the cure.

Jennifer Bunt & Richard O'Brien
Brockville, ON

Corrie Horton (Jen's Grandma), Verla Bunt (Jen's Grandma), John Horton (Grandpa), Audrey Crawford (Friend), Jim O'Brien (Uncle), Grandma DuPerron.

Robert (Bob) Cadieux
Hull, PQ

My sister-in-law Marie (breast cancer), my good friend Ron Lachance (prostate cancer), for all my sponsors' families/friends who have cancer, so that a cure be found for this disease.
Scott Campbell
Ottawa, ON

I'm kayaking for cancer because my mother was diagnosed and died from cancer. Through discussions with peers and colleagues, I learned of similar tragedies. I knew Kevin and his "Kayaking for Cancer" campaign having participated in it two years earlier. I thought it would be a perfect venue for me to take a small part.
John S. D'Aoust
Ottawa, ON

In support of Ron Lachance and the Canadian Cancer Society.
Terrie Dionne, Len Munt & Meaghan Munt
Queen Charlotte Islands, BC

Ann Dionne, Dorothy Miller (Grandma), Granpa Houston, all other people battling the disease.
Ann & Joe Dionne
Brockville, ON

Ann: As a two time cancer survivor, I feel very lucky to be able to do this. I lost my Mom to cancer in 2002, a cousin 45 years old in 2002, and brother-in-law in 2001. I hope in a small way we can help.
Kevin & Micheline Dionne
Manotick, ON

Kayaking for PapaRon!! And for the memory of many friends and family, including Grandma, Diana's Dad, Janet's Mom, Uncle Bill and cousin Gordie.

Kurt & Lynn Dionne
London, ON
It seems like every time we turn around we find out about a family member, friend or acquaintance who's discovered they have cancer. It's time to find a cure. We're especially doing K4C for Mom (Ann), Uncle John, Grandma, Grandpa V, Pat Lane and Ron Longstaff, and for all those affected by cancer.


Rick Dionne, Jessie Justino & Melissa Justino
Toronto, ON

Rick: 1. My mother having two cases of cancer so far in her life. 2. The cause is one, which we need to cure. 3. My brother asked me.

Jessie: I am doing this to help raise money to find the cure for this deadly disease which has claimed a lot of lives and also because some family members are battling the disease.

Melissa: I'm kayaking for my Aunt Fernanda and Ann Dionne and for everyone else who needs support that are battling with cancer.

Lindsay Edwards
Kingston, ON

For a good cause, sounded like fun, know Friends who have had cancer.
Graham Gauthier
Buckingham, PQ
Nathan Gendron
Kingston, ON

I know the cure for Cancer is just around the corner, so at this point every little bit makes a difference. My family has a history of cancer so hopefully the cure will be found before it catches up to my parents.
Rolly Gervais
Gatineau, PQ

A lifelong friend of Paparon, he and I started Grade 1 together. As well, my dad died from cancer at age 65, a month and a half after retiring. He had been working since age 15. He drew one pension cheque.
Chase Holmes
Prescott, ON

For anyone who has been affected, whether it be having cancer or losing a loved one.
Kristi Johnston Bates
Merrickville, ON

I have to do something, too many people in my family have died or been diagnosed with cancer. After seeing the pain cancer patients live with, it is the least I could do!

Dan, Diana, Jason & Dylan Lachance
Kanata, ON

Papa Ron & Mrs. Dionne. To help raise money to fight this terrible disease. Enjoying the company and making new friends on our 7-day journey.

Jason: Paparon, to have fun with friends, to raise money for cancer.

Denis Lachance
Kingston, ON

Great to do this with my friends (Mr. Band-Aid).
Lorraine (Mamalu) Lachance
Ottawa, ON

Although I did not Kayak, my contributions were primarily behind the scenes and directed towards creating more public awareness for our cause. Kevin Dionne had a vision 3 years ago, and he masterminded and created K4C with an enormous challenge ahead of him. His strong will and compassion are an inspiration to us all. I am proud to acknowledge Kevin, not only as my Son-in-law, but as a man of courage, devotion and sincerity. Cuddoes to you my darling !
Ron "Paparon" Lachance
Ottawa, ON

To help make a difference and enjoy the week with good friends and family.
Michel Lalonde
Rockland, ON

Being with friends, exercise, etc.....Helping others with their illness.

Claude & Diane Liberty
Ottawa, ON

Claude: Raising funds for cancer research in the hope of finding a cure soon. I also dedicate this adventure to my good friend "Papa Ron" and the rest of the Tilley hat gang.

Diane: I'm in the Support Group.

Ashley Lynch
Kemptville, ON

I'm kayaking for my Aunt Sandra, Holly, the Williams family, and for the Vanden Tillaart family. This will show people that if we work together as a group we can accomplish great things. Thanks to everyone who donated and made this possible.
Paul MacNeil
Navan, ON

I'm kayaking for my friend Ron Lachance who is with us and also for other friends and family members who have or have had cancer. I am hoping that our funds for cancer research will result in fewer friends and family members suffering from cancer in the future.
Jessica Julianna Monahan "Salesperson"
Kemptville, ON

For my Papa, Jeno. For all my friends and family affected by Cancer. Let's help them out, and show how much we Care. Kayaking's a great way to raise money and have fun for a serious cause. Yay Papa Ron!
Pierre-Paul Nault
Gatineau, PQ

To support my friend "Papa Ron" and because this cause is so important to me. My mom, one of her sisters, four of her brothers died of cancer, and our own daughter "Sue" (a survivor), also had to deal with cancer in her early life.
Christina Redmond
Kemptville, ON

I'm kayaking for my Uncle Mike, Betty Beach and for everyone else who has suffered from Cancer.
Candice Vanden Tillaart
Kemptville, ON

Husband, mother, father & friends all passed with this disease. Just want to do something for this cure for cancer.
Michelle Vanden Tillaart
Kemptville, ON

I'm kayaking for all the people who have had or are suffering from the terrible disease, and especially for all the families who have lost someone. Miss you, love you, remember you, forever. Love you Dad!! Keep fighting Janet and Uncle Don!
Travis Vanden Tillaart
Kemptville, ON

Watched it come into too many people's lives and hurt too many people, time to do something about it. *Dad (Ron), Grandma Ellis, Grandpa Ernie, Ken Johnston, Uncle Don, Brenda Finnerty, Papa Ron, Ann, everyone that's affected.

Kate Walker
Kemptville, ON

I am kayaking for my Grandpa John Arundel who passed away in 2002 of cancer and my Aunt Cathy who is battling cancer presently.


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